Web Browsers and Search Engines

A browser is an application software for accessing the worldwide web. The web browser retrieves necessary content from a web server and displays the page on your device. Web browsers and search engines provide different services.

A search engine is a website that provides links to another website however a browser connects to a web server and displays its web pages.

To ensure that your personal and financial data is not compromised one must utilize a safe and secure web browser and search engine. Most web browsers and search engines are generally free, but the majority of them track u and expose you to advertisers as they provide them their income. So, it is suggested that one should prefer using browsers and search engines that protect you and keep you safe from adware malware and websites that track your usage.

Most popular browsers and search engines are relatively safe and updated regularly and one should update this regularly with the patches provided by the Vendors, as hackers target browsers, exploit security holes in steal personal and sensitive information destroy files and even hijack your computer for ransom.

Security conscious and aware users avoid popular web browsers and search engines and prefer to use those that give greater importance to web usage safety and security.

 Take care, Be Aware, Never be taken by surprise, and Be Safe

God Bless !!!

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