Virtual Private Network

A VPN basically extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive their data across shared or public networks. Encryption is commonly provided by the VPN thereby providing security to private data on public networks.

For a layman of mine or older vintage, it practically means that in the current cyber era and especially during the terrible pandemic that has afflicted mankind, when most people prefer to utilize the internet for transmission of their most private of data into the public domain, security of data has gained primacy in our minds.

Add bank account details, business dealings and even our personal correspondence need foolproof security and safety from hackers and miscreants, this is the reason for the existence of VPN service providers.

There are many VPN service providers available for users to subscribe to.  I would prefer to research a bit into The features, the extent of international coverage, security, and additional VPN apps if any being provided by each VPN service before finalizing on the one to subscribe to. The minimum features expected should be –

  1. Secure internet
  2. Speed of the VPN
  3. Tracking policy
  4. Capacity to stream visual media
  5. Continued privacy on the go / mobile.
  6. Utilisation on multiple device with one subscription
  7. Dedicated IP address
  8. Masking of IP address
  9. Blocking of adware or malware
  10. Quality and 24/7 support
  11. Finally…. Pricing.

To summarise, there is a pressing need for every internet user to utilize a VPN service that would ensure your privacy, security, freedom to utilize the internet anywhere with appropriate speed and on multiple gadgets you own.

Take care, Be Aware, Never be taken by surprise, and Be Safe

God Bless !!!

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