Intermediate SQL

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What You Will Learn

  • Explore how to write and implement complex queries on multiple tables simultaneously and how to apply advanced filtering techniques
  • Learn to create union queries that combine records from multiple queries, and how to use union queries to exclude or include duplicate records
  • Find out how to use text strings within union queries
  • Master advanced techniques for updating various types of data stored in your tables
  • Learn how to update a single field, multiple fields, multiple records, date fields, and calculated fields
  • Learn how to update and set NULL values using an update statement
  • Use advanced insertion techniques to add data to your tables and learn how to create, query, and modify temporary tables
  • Learn how to implement techniques to handle duplicate values stored in a table and how to limit the results of a result set
  • Discover how to use string functions to perform complicated searches on strings, how to implement date and time functions to insert and extract portions of a date, and how to create queries that accept input from users
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Mississippi State University, University of Texas at Arlington, University of Dubai, University of Tennessee


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